25 Random (and Useless) Facts About ME

My friend Sue, tagged me in a FB post which requested that I share 25  random facts, thoughts, or goals about me.  I basically listed whatever came into my head — for better or worse.

  1. People who suck on hard candy too loudly drive me absolutely crazy.
  2. I once took my oldest brother’s wooden dolly that he used to fix his cars and road it down the slide in my backyard – even though I knew it was a bad idea – because the two boys I was playing with were too chicken. I missed the cushion I put at the end of the slide by about 8’ and almost broke my back.  They ran home and left me for dead.
  3. I had my first kiss in kindergarten – from a neighbor boy who moved away in first grade and broke my heart. I kissed him.
  4. I hated playing with dolls but loved putting outfits together (for Barbie).
  5. I’ve broken the second toe on my right foot probably close to a dozen times. I’m now prone to terrible and random foot cramping.
  6. I used to love Ace of Base. I Saw The Sign was nothing compared to the first rate b-sides.
  7. I have OCD. Not the light flipping on and off kind, but the need to be organized and planning things way in advance kind.
  8. I don’t wear anything white.
  9. I don’t generally cry at movies but the first five minutes of Up is the most ridiculously sad thing I have ever witnessed.
  10. I don’t know if Buddha said this or not, but I believe that “Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Happiness in infinite and someone else having something good happen to them does not diminish the happiness you seek.
  11. I fully believe that I will publish at least a novel.
  12. If I ask you if you’d like the last piece of cake and you say maybe later – it will be gone when you decide to look for it —later.
  13. I truly believe that buying nice handbags and shoes are in fact an investment in my future.
  14. I don’t like doing things that I don’t do well.
  15. I get annoyed when people tell me they are jealous of me or something I’ve accomplished. I’ve worked my butt off  for all of it.  None of it was luck.
  16. I am highly allergic to lilies, but I once drove over an hour with a giant one in my backseat because I knew my husband would love it for our garden.
  17. Sarcasm is in fact a sign that I am intellectually superior.
  18. I will buy anything related to Jane Austen – including Jane band aids.
  19. If it comes in plaid, I’ll take it (this includes men as well – preferably kilted).
  20. Based on my shopping preferences (LL Bean, Cabela’s, Columbia, etc.) one would believe I live a much more outdoorsy life than I actually do. I would love to hike and kayak (when the weather is just right and there are no bugs).
  21. If I get the opportunity to move to Scotland or Ireland at any point in my life, I will totally do it.
  22. In the Zombie Apocalypse, I’d probably be closest in personality to Carol from The Walking Dead.
  23. There are few things in this world as amazingly perfect as a good cup of tea, a great novel and a hot bath (in a deep soaker style tub or a claw foot).
  24. I think it’s possible that unicorns did exist.
  25. I don’t like beer. Which was rather problematic in college. Although I assure you, I tried, I really, really TRIED to like it.

This ended up being a fun little exercise to do and I encourage others to try it.

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