A Love Letter to Boston

Dear Boston,

I’m somewhat in love with you.  I thought you’d be kind of cool to hang out IMG_3901with, but when I first sat on the Orange line of your subway at Wellington, I knew there something special about you.

First off, we were on a crowded morning train. I told my four year old that we’d have to stand, but the moment we got on, a man got up and offered us his seat.  The man next to us laughed as we patiently explained to my son over and over again, that ‘no this isn’t our stop, and we aren’t quite there yet.’   He said he had a four-year old too and smiled.  I thought maybe this was just a one time deal, but on the way home, and elderly woman who didn’t speak English, got out of her seat and when I tried to tell her it was okay she shook her head and pointed for my son to take her seat.

My love of the public transit system does not end there.  You guys have clean subways (stations and all).  The seats were soft and upholstered — UPHOLSTERED.  No one left trash behind or stickiness (if you’ve been on NYC subways you know what I mean).

When the train stopped, the people getting on WAITED for the people to get off (what a concept!). The train came every few minutes.  The stations were color coded.  The hallways to those trains were also color coded.   I didn’t get lost.

The city was beautiful.  It was lots of old and new.  The sidewalks weren’t crowded.  People didn’t push. They said ‘sorry’ if they bumped you. Cars waited for people to cross in the crosswalk (even when they technically had the light — which might get me killed when I cross the street in NYC later this week).

We also had PERFECT weather.  It was about 70 degrees and sunny. We hit the touristy spots, such aIMG_3892s Quincy (Faneuil Hall). Ate in Ned Devine’s. We drank at Sam Adam’s Brewery at 10 am in the morning. We toured Fenway. We took a trolley tour around the entire city.

We had fun. IMG_3927

My only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer. I want to see you again real soon.


***The food in Boston was delicious. I was only there for two short days. I wrote a separate post about that.

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