Boston I Want to Eat You!

We were only in the city for two days.  It didn’t leave nearly enough meals to experience all of Boston, but I am going to highlight a few places I totally recommend.  All of these places were super child-friendly and actually really inexpensive.

Down by the Harbor near the Greenway Carousel  I stopped at the Cookie Monstah truck where I ordered a massively large ice cream sandwich consisting of hard serve pumpkin ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chunk cookies ($6). The three of us couldn’t finish it and it broke my heart to toss part of it away (but I’m kind of on a diet so it had to be done).  I highly recommend seeking out this truck if you are visiting. They have a schedule for their locations on their website.

Rosion Dubh (Black Rose) Pub:
I had a delicious Irish Coffee (okay yes, it was listed as an after dinner drink and I did order it as a pre-dinner beverage HOWEVER, I’d spent a good five hoursIMG_3946 walking around Fenway with a four-year old who really had been done after just fifteen minutes — so if you want to judge me — feel free)  and Lobster (lobstah!) as part of a seafood trio —   shrimp, lobster &cod, lemon pepper butter, colcannon potatoes & fresh vegetables. The seafood was amazing.  The shrimp was fresh and snapped in your mouth.  The cod was lemony and lovely, and the lobster was not in a shell (which I love) and was a fairly generous portion considering the $22 price. The colcannon potatoes were freshly made — creamy and lumpy and I also wish I could have finished them.  The vegetables consisted of carrots that were obviously cooked in some kind of broth (dare I say I swear there was an element of alcohol reminiscent of when I’ve made corned beef in whiskey or beer).  It was YUMMY all around.

I was going to get the Shepherd’s pie, but I couldn’t leave Boston without fresh seafood. Decisions had to be made. I tried to persuade my husband to order it, but he just wasn’t being a teamplayer that day.

Central Wharf. Co.:
I ordered the Pesto Garden Flatbread ($13) which consisted of local vegetables (zuccinni, grape tomatoes and corn), basil walnut pesto, goat cheese, olive oil. It was DELICIOUS.  I really, really wanted to eat the whole thing (I mean I did walk 6 miles that day), but I didn’t.  The combination of goat cheese and basil walnut pesto was perfection.  My husband ordered Pulled Pork with house dry rub, apple bourbon bbq sauce, onion straws, cabbage slaw, creole aioli, soft roll. I think he liked it but frankly, I don’t remember anything other than how good my meal was.  It was just me and the flatbread having a delicious affair that I knew wouldn’t last.  Which makes me wonder, am I the only person in the world who considers whether the waitress would judge me if I ate the whole thing?  I mean, I sometimes consider discreetly asking whether other diners tend to devour the entire dish, or is it just me?

Did I mention that the flatbread was the absolute bomb?

Those were mainly the food highlights.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t find any really good places that served chai, but I did get  a decent unsweetened Matcha Green Tea Latte at Ula Cafe which was located right by the Sam Adam’s Brewery (also a short walk from the amazing Orange Line subway system –Huzzah ).

Good food. Good people. Good public transit.  Boston, you are an amazing city!

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