Lightning Strikes Twice

Okay… so we left off with my Fitbit in the toilet (and ultimately a landfill).

When one’s Fitbit dislodges off their bra, wiggles through two layers of shirts and lands in the toilet, there’s really only two conclusions to come to; 1) the Universe doesn’t think you need to exercise at all or 2) The Universe is pointing out that you DON’T actually exercise.

Considering that I gained three pounds this weekend through dieting, lets just rule out conclusion #1 and go straight to the Universe reminding me that my Fitbit simply served as a daily reminder that I sit at my desk for 8 1/2 hrs a day, plus the hour-long round-trip commute to my office, plus when I go home and eventually fall on to the couch or my writing chair — well you get the picture…

Losing my device meant I had two options.  I could simply take this as a sign that I really don’t need a device to remind me of how stationary I am, or I could get a new device (cheaper this go around) and get back in the business of exercising more.

I decided to go without buying a new device (since I am on a budget and most articles I read state that you shouldn’t buy something just cause you want it).  But this is what happened…

When I took the 7 flights of stairs down to stretch my legs a bit, no one knew it but me.  And when I circled the grocery store four times grabbing everything I’d forgotten on the first go around, I couldn’t tell if I’d reached my mid day goal of 5,000 steps or not.  When I took the dog for a walk and we had to cut home midway (because he isn’t use to walking after the winter) I was paralyzed with the fact that I had no idea whether we’d even reached a mile or whether just a block longer would have hit me to my daily goal of 10,000 steps or not.

It bothered me. A lot.

So I did a little research and found a device at 1/3 of the price.  It was water-resistant so with the summer coming, I could even use it swimming.  It was a Misfit Flash.  I found a coupon that would save me money if I ordered two, but I  couldn’t think of a reason for needing two, even when my husband suggested a back-up — so I paid regular price. It came with a clip and a wrist band. It is less fancy than the Fitbit, but it does the simple things I need (sleep tracker, pedometer, calorie counter, water resistant).  It came within 3 days.

When I received my new tracker, I felt committed to getting active again.  I’ve been having discussions with friends about a cycle of going home and feeling so tired that I don’t get to exercise. Exercising gives us more energy, but what precisely can we do when don’t have enough in us to get there? The jury is still out on this.

I motivated myself to go back to yoga (future post coming soon) and work out as more (if only to prove that I do in fact need a gadget to record my productivity).

I wore my Misfit on my wrist for three days.  It was nice to know my precise movements again.

On the fourth day, I decided to use the clip and secure it so that if it were to fall off, it would fall into my pocket. I’d seriously learned my lesson on being careful. I missed it being on my wrist, but it wasn’t  a huge deal.

On that same day, I showed my coworker the new tracker. We discussed how cool it was and then I excused myself to the ladies’ room…

Yes, I said the ladies’ room. See, as a writer, I just foreshadowed something there.  Can you guess what is?

It’s part of my filing system called “Shit You Can’t Make Up.” My life is primarily made up of such events — the stranger than fiction elements that keep things interesting.

Writers know that details are important to stories — even the mundane which marks the familiar for the reader;  such as how I unbuttoned my jeans and the clarity of which I understood the teal flash of a disc in my peripheral was in fact the Misfit dislodging itself in a beautiful flight that was no longer unique to me.  This time, my tracker skipped liked a beautiful glass stone to the bottom of the bowl and when I peered in thinking “This isn’t happening…again” the toilet answered with an automatic flush that violently swooshed my Misfit away.

I was dumbfounded.

This time, I knew that it was the mischief of an angry god who perhaps had once inhabited a volcano and maybe f*cked up, so a higher up god was like “Dude, I’m sorry but we are demoting you to the sewers. Only after you swallow 8 million fitness trackers, will you be restored to your former position.”  And so this vengeful god seeks to claim all fitness trackers within the New York state sewer systems.
So you see — in the end it wasn’t about me at all.

However, we like our happy endings, do we not Dear Reader?  On my coworker’s recommendation, I wrote to the good people at Misfit and briefly explained how the clip should have been able to deter the “Toilet god” (only I didn’t mention my demoted god theory so much as just mentioned that my Flash ended up getting flushed) and that I was disappointed it had not worked and had in fact only remained fastened to my pocket for roughly 2 hours.

To my relief and surprise, they offered me a replacement — which will be here in roughly three days (when all that I do in my life can be quantified once more).

If this happens a third time… well I’m probably just not telling anyone about it.

***Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.


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