I am a writer.
I work, write, and live in New York.
I’m addicted to chai lattes. Usually iced.
I curse. A lot. But I also practice yoga. Sometimes.
I’m dedicating my life to giving less fucks and doing what makes  me happy which includes, writing, devouring books, baking, gardening, and embracing my introverted ways in every possible manner. Apparently, my fashion style is chic-British Librarian (thanks Pinterest for giving me a category).

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six or seven, and obsessed with reading Little House on the Prairie.  I even dressed as Laura Ingalls-Wilder for Halloween.

I started this blog to chronicle the ups and downs of writing as it is a rather solitary art and it’s sort of become a hodge podge of random stories.

Oh, and most importantly, I wrote a novel and now I’m working on a another!

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